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Abit Flashmenu EXCLUSIVE Full Version V1.5.0.8


abit flashmenu full version v1.5.0.8

The adobe version of FlashMenu requires at least windows version v.2003 and is recommended if you are using it on a computer that supports v.2003 or If you don't have windows v.2003 or installed on your computer just download the zip-file version of FlashMenu and follow the instructions on how to install the application, i.e. Copy all the files from the zip-file ( to any folder of your choice Create a shortcut to the flashmenu_full_v1.5.0.8_win32_0307_anyos.exe file Now you can just run the shortcut instead of the.exe file. If you want to run the.exe file itself, just do so by clicking the shortcut and not the.exe file. Here's a tutorial how to install FlashMenu on your computer. How to use FlashMenu * You must have the Abit FlashMenu Full version installed on your computer before you can run FlashMenu. Otherwise you won't be able to click the FlashMenu menu-button. * FlashMenu v. is not compatible with all the latest versions of Adobe Flash Player. Please check this list to see which versions are supported by FlashMenu and which aren't. How to use the menu To use the menu simply click on the FlashMenu menu-button. The menu will open and give you the options to choose from. There are three types of menus in FlashMenu: * Search * Popular * Sub-category * Current sub-category A complete list of categories, sub-categories and categories (i.e. filters) is in the menu. To view this list you just need to click on the menu and hold your mouse-button down for about two seconds. FlashMenu also offers the following features: * Add categories and sub-categories * Change existing categories and sub-categories * Print your favorite categories and sub-categories * Add new categories and sub-categories * Delete categories and sub-categories * Search categories and sub-categories * Change the sort order * Change how many items

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Abit Flashmenu EXCLUSIVE Full Version V1.5.0.8

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